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By proadAccountId-377930 07 Feb, 2017

 Conversations within our community in 2016 - add your aspirations and concerns below!

The following conversation was held with a group at Horsley Community Centre:

 People want a safe, interactive and inclusive community but they’re concerned that lack of social inclusion, skills and infrastructure are in the way of achieving those aspirations.

As people talk about those concerns, they talk specifically about social isolation and safety are getting worse, and the health of aging population appears poor and infrastructure not improving.

They believe we need to focus on getting to know the people that live in our area, and see the promotion of opportunities to connect in the community. Start off with small affordable opportunities as people can be scared off by long term commitments.

If Neighbourhood Centres, Churches, specific social groups and service providers played a part in those actions they would be more likely to trust the effort and step forward themselves.

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